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General Disclaimer

Deep Dive Stocks (“DDS”, “company”, “we”), LLC is not registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission nor with the securities regulatory authority or body of any jurisdiction as an investment adviser, broker-dealer or in any other capacity, and does not purport to provide investment advice or make investment recommendations by or through the content found on the website, in reports, research materials, newsletters or in any other manner communicated.

The data included in Deep Dive Stocks’ publications are only for non-personalized, educational use. The data contained on the website, reports, and other media, are expressed to educationally discuss information found by statistical analysis of financial markets in general. The data is not intended, nor recommended, to be used as the basis for purchasing, selling or trading of stocks, securities, assets, or any other financial instruments.

Deep Dive Stocks does not endorse any securities or financial instruments in any form whatsoever and holds no responsibility for individual or commercial decisions to participate in any financial markets.

The ©Deep Dive Stocks, LLC website and all content are provided for the sole purpose of one subscriber’s educational enrichment. Any other uses are expressly prohibited.

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Using the website, reports, scans, or any other material provided by Deep Dive Stocks does not give any right, claim, or expectation of ownership over any and all data contained therein. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all materials, logos, data, programming, algorithm, code, and data utilization are the sole property of Deep Dive Stocks and are under the protection of the various and applicable copyright and trademark law of the United States of America.


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