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Who is Deep Dive Stocks


I’m Justin, and I think you deserve better.

You deserve better data-driven market education and novel market research.

When I started trading and learning about the market, I was a full-time Paramedic with little time and even less sleep. Every time I tried to learn more, the market seemed way too complex for me to grasp.

This lead to me spending countless hours just trying to figure out what I should know about the market in order to be a successful trader and investor.

After these countless days of studying chart patterns, running averages, and other various lagging indicators, I was left with the nagging thought that none of what I just learned was helpful – could chart patterns, running averages, and other weakly-correlated data really be all that there is to utilize?

I didn’t think so – so I took a deeper dive.

What I found was pretty remarkable. There are statistically relevant and actionable data that have a strong correlation with future price-actions with far superior efficacy than rudimentary techniques like chart patterns, running averages, and, well, most standard tools available to the retail trader. It took forever to find, and even longer to learn about – so much so that I even had to develop and research most of it myself!

Now that I have found the data and tools, I want to share them with you so you do not have to go through all of the same effort and troubles that I did in finding valid stock market data. That way, you can focus on what matters: learning about the market in clear and actionable ways.

Having access to high quality, and high level market data and market research is no longer just for the hedge funds. You shouldn’t have to spend years looking for these tools like I did – there here, they’re available, and they’re ready for you to use.

Happy trading,