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Getting Started with a

Deeper Look

Want to jump right in? Check out the resources below.

The Fundamentals

Starting out with some of these data can be daunting at first. But that’s okay.

I wrote the Tier I material as a way to help introduce some of the core concepts that DDS utilizes as well as to provide some concrete examples of the consequence of these concepts.

This philosophy is extended into all of the primers: from the Gamma Hedging Primer to the LDPM Primer, the goal is to both expand on some fundamentals as well as help show how statistical significance can be achieved through those fundamentals.

If you check out the Tier I material below, don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know what you think!

Data Reports

The corner-stone of Deep Dive Stocks is the Deep Dive Stocks’ Stock Report.

These reports are the products of years of research, all compiled in one place.
From VoEx, to Gamma Hedging Heatmaps, to SNAP Graphs and Gamma Squeeze metrics, to individual Equity reports, there is a lot of data to suit a variety of needs. 
Feel free to check out an example Stock Report for $SPY below.

Data Dashboard

The Data Dashboard is an interactive hub for data analysis, with emphasis on around 4,000 equities.

The Dashboard contains VoEx, Gamma Hedging Heatmaps, LDPM, LDPM-Vol, Gamma Squeeze data, and a bit more.


Macro Markets

Most of the data available within Deep Dive Stocks is easily scalable from the individual equity to the macro-market. Data such as the Market-Wide Gamma Squeeze Growth, Dealer-Long Put monitoring, and ETF-aggregate VoEx values help contextualize equity behavior in the backdrop of larger market forces.

Take a peek at the Macro Markets Report and the Market Currents Report below.

Weekly Chats

Every week, the Weekly Chat is distributed to members the day before the trading week starts. It mainly contains various rants about data and how they are changing. Ideally, these observations help prepare for the week and months ahead.

I recommend checking out the example chat below, its from recently when a number of new members joined, so it was a great opportunity to do a wide review of the data and their findings.